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For many businesses in the Cromwell, CT area, keeping a fleet of company vehicles running in top shape is a vital matter to staying in business. Whether it’s the light cars of a taxi service or the massive rigs of an overland shipping company, fleet management can be an essential element of any Cromwell business that has any use for a vehicle.

However, the fact is that even the best vehicles do have problems and at times even break down, usually at the worst possible times. Recovering from these large and small disasters and deciding how to do it can be essential for holding one’s business together in the face of the ever shifting economic climate of the New England area.

Fortunately, help is available. Ultimate Automotive, Truck & Equipment in Cromwell, CT offers some of the best fleet management services available in the region. Ultimate Automotive, Truck & Equipment can handle nearly any type of commercial vehicle, knowing all the ins and outs of these machines that enable them to do their work for you.

And, when they can’t do the work you need them to do, Ultimate Automotive, Truck & Equipment can get them back in working order as quickly as possible in order to ensure the smoothest flow of work and income your business can get in a rocky time, ranging from the annual busy season to a run of bad luck that puts multiple vehicles out of commission.

Ultimate Automotive, Truck & Equipment offers fleet management services as both maintenance and repair services. Repair services are fairly uncomplicated. When your fleet’s vehicles experience mechanical problems, our mechanics get to work on mending those problems as soon as possible.

Between our entire staff of ASE certified technicians with more than a century and a half of experience in the automotive field between them, there are very few auto repair and fleet repair problems that our team can not tackle. With experience and training like this, as well as our fully stocked garage filled with state of the art equipment, it is a virtual certainty that we can handle any automotive repair issue your fleet may have, ranging from the small to the near catastrophic.

Our fleet maintenance services also bear mentioning. The Ultimate Automotive Truck & Equipment garage is certified by the state of Connecticut as a vehicle emissions repair center, and no matter how old or battered your fleet is, we can keep running inside of state emissions standards on time and without any major complications beyond perhaps work getting backed up at the garage.

We also have a great deal of training in ensuring that a fleet’s vehicles function inside of DOT regulations for vehicles of their type, be they small taxi cabs or massive tractor trailer rigs that are incredibly tightly controlled.

Between the complexities of the law and the complexities of the devices themselves, keeping an entire fleet within the standards of government regulations can be difficult on any business, but our expert technicians can make this task happen quickly and efficiently with no fear of government censure on your fleet.

Our garage also uses state of the art web based data tracking software, as well as advanced diagnostic software, intended to keep all your fleet’s vehicles running smoothly and coming in for scheduled maintenance on a steady schedule.

Keeping the whole operation running smoothly is made easier with our advanced technology and ensuring that no problems are developing inside the bodies of your fleet’s vehicles can take less time than it ever has before. If you have a fleet you can not afford to let fall apart, contact us immediately and inquire about our fleet maintenance rates today.

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Fleet Management